We’ve had a number of questions about mask policies, immunization checks, etc. due to the recent rise in delta variant infection rates. Dane County, where Madison resides, is one of the top four most-vaccinated counties in the entire US. Vaccinations rates for eligible adults is around 85% and, for the most part, life has somewhat returned to normal here.I know many of us are concerned with the news of the delta variant spreading through various communities. While the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors (and we will certainly will follow this recommendation and encourage it), the current science shows that the vaccine is doing what it was designed to do – preventing hospitalization and death – even among this new variant. The data from a recent 900-case outbreak in Massachusetts among an equally highly-vaccinated population (69%) had zero deaths for vaccinated individuals. Most that actually felt sick had extremely mild symptoms.That being said, our main priority is your safety. We will continue to follow any and all local and federal guidelines regarding mask policies and occupancy requirements in Dane county. The major source of concerning COVID variant spread – those cases needing hospitalization – has been among unvaccinated adults. I’ve strongly suggested this in previous emails, but now let me make this crystal clear:
If you are any flavor of a “vaccine skeptic”, this is not the fest for you. The bands and I have worked too hard and gone through too much strife over the last 17 months to put up with your degree from Google university. The adults in the room have been responsible and picked up the slack for morons who rave about Bill Gates putting a microchip in their arm, or think that five minutes of googling is equal to a doctorate in virology.I have no more patience for this. If you have “decided” to not get the vaccine due to political reasons, conspiracy theories, and/or low IQ, you are not welcomed at this fest, FULL STOP. You will not receive a refund.(Note to those who cannot get the vaccine for legitimate medical reasons – that statement was not aimed at you, and I’m sorry that these types of people are preventing you from safely getting on with your life.)
At the moment, we are not requiring proof of vaccination to attend, but that could change at any time. In the situation where we need to enforce proof of vaccination: if you cannot produce any, we will not be able to let you into the fest. You will not receive a refund.
Here’s what we’re already doing to keep fest-goers as safe as possible:MASK-FRIENDLY FEST – Feel like wearing a mask? Please do! We’d encourage everyone to bring a mask to the fest.32+ GALLONS OF HAND SANITIZER – I bought out an entire store’s supply. Also, the first 200 or so people through the door will receive a refillable clip-on sanitizer bottle.OPEN AREA WITH VENTILATION – We’re going to increase the amount of ventilation in the already large venue to keep the air moving.Look, 99.999% of you are smart people who care for their fellow fest-goers. That’s just the type of people an Arcade+Metal fest inherently attracts: the cool nerds. I know most of you have already done the right thing