Mad With Power Code of Conduct

Mad With Power Fest is run in the spirit of the New Wave of Nice Metal Buds (NWONMB) aims to achieve:

TL;DR - Don't be a dick.

Mad With Power staff reserves the right to remove, ban, or refuse to admit anyone for any reason.

Our fest strives to be a fan-forward fest. That means that we try to put the fan experience first, and minimize the amount of frustrations that would you encounter in a regular fest. We keep our prices low, our changeovers quick, and provide additional activities and ways to interact and meet your fellow concertgoers. For many of us, fests are not about who's playing - they're about the opportunity to reunite with our chosen family and friends once a year (or a few times, if we're lucky). Fests are an opportunity to meet your new best friends, or even your future partner (it's happened more than once)! So please, try to hold the aims to achieve in your heart and come to this fest with the best of intentions.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to spell out these additional codes of conduct:

Respect others

That means:

  • Stay mindful of personal boundaries
  • Stay mindful of our community's health (i.e. don't come to the fest if you're sick!)
  • Stay mindful of preferred pronouns
  • Stay Mindful that some attendees may identify as Non-Binary. Please respect their gender experiences, presentations, or lack thereof. When in doubt, just address that person by their name (or ask)!
  • Stay mindful of "mosh pit" etiquette (i.e. pick up those who fall down, don't flail hands/feet around, etc.)
  • Stay mindful of your own personal hygiene
  • No touching/hugging/etc. without consent
  • No insults, derogatory comments, inappropriate sexual comments, etc. (don't be THAT DUDE)
  • Zero tolerance for anti-LGBTQ+, nazis, or fascism of any type
  • Trans rights are human rights. Trans women are women, trans men are men

Listen, we're all nerds here, and sometimes we're not super great with interacting with others in real life. Mistakes happen, and that's ok, so long as you recognize your error and work to change your behavior. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Respect the bands

Yes, bands are super cool, and full of amazing people you'd like to meet. But at the end of the day, everyone in a band is just a regular human being, and most people just want to be treated as such. Don't be a punisher - stay mindful of a person's time, and do your best to treat them normally. Sometimes bands are on long tours leading up to the fest. They may be very tired, or just "peopled out". It's probably not you - it's the wear and tear of the road. Please try to remain positive in the things you post about bands (or band members) online. We almost always see them.

Respect the fest (and the people who put it on)!

There's a LOT of complaining online about the US Power Metal scene being small (compared to Europe) and next to impossible to make a living in. There's only one way to change that: have more power metal bands start in the US. The best way to do that is by showing potential newcomers that our scene is strong and supportive, and the current bands are all friends that help each other to grow. That's what Mad With Power is about. We're strengthening the scene so that future generations have something better.

We do NOT run this fest to make money. If we did, we would charge WAY more for tickets than we currently do. Mad With Power Fest is first and foremost a way for our scene to come together, meet face-to-face, and grow. The more bands that know each other (and spend time with each other), the more opportunities for friendship, for joining tours, for collaborations, and more. The more fans that know each other, the more opportunities for just plain ol' being buds!

We spend a LOT of time, effort, money, and stress putting this fest on every year. We want this fest to be the best fest in the US, and we're constantly striving to improve. That being said, not everything always goes perfectly. Please bear in mind that there is one person (Ty) at the helm of this, and a TON of amazing volunteers who help out every year. Without them, this fest would not function. Please do your best to respect the fest and the volunteers both in-person and online. Negative vibes do not help ANY fest to grow.